Project Celebration 2011 Volunteer Information
Contact: Terri Velasquez  Email: hhspc2011@gmail.com Cell: 817-726-0417
***Working as a chaperon you must be an approved volunteer with the district***

If you are at all interested in becoming involved with making future Project Celebrations happen, consider getting involved THIS YEAR by helping with set up at this year’s PC and working with this year’s PC Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs. The following positions need underclassman co-chairs for PC Committee:
SECURITY/SAFETY: 1 freshman or sophomore parent, especially one who has some experience with maintaining building security (not required though) to serve as co-Chair of and shadow the security chair at this year’s Project Celebration. Would require working from about 10:00 pm May 14th until at least 5 am if not longer May 15th; this would be a training for continuing as Chair next year.

DECORATIONS: One or two freshman or sophomore parents to observe and assist current chair. Would plan, organize, prepare and set up decorations to carry out the selected theme.  Do so within guidelines of Principal. Balloons clusters and formations, photo gallery, café tables are key parts of decorating. Availability in the early evening of May 13th, from 6pm until finished, is key.

DONATIONS/FUNDRAISING: An underclassman parent who would help continue year-round campaign to solicit donations in money and in kind from local businesses, home owners associations, etc. to fund the prizes and raffles at the PC. Solicitation done in person as well as by mail. Part of committee runs the raffle after the party. sends thank you notes to contributors

FOOD: A freshman or sophomore parent who is interested in continuing as co-Chair for the next few years in order to gain experience as a food chair. May help with set up and shadow current Co-Chair during set up and first shift of party this year. Procures food through purchases, donations and parent volunteers; sends thank you notes to contributors; staffs food areas before and during the party.

GAMES/ACTIVITIES: An underclassman parent who would continue as co-Chair for the next few years, shadowing this year’s Set Up Chair. Oversee delivery of supplies and materials for party mid day the day of party, coordinating set up of party among various committees and vendors in late afternoon into evening of party day. Vendors included are but not limited to DJ, inflatable, and casino. Contacting and inquiring upon quotes and negotiating for donations of services.

CLEAN UP: An underclassman parent who would continue as co-Chair for the next few years, shadowing this year’s chair. Responsible for coordinating volunteers to clean up and coordinate with janitor. Trucks needed to take decorations back to storage unit.

PUBLICITY: An underclassman parent who would continue as co-Chair for the next few years, shadowing this year’s chair. Responsible for updating all social networks, email, asking for school system call-outs, updating blog and mailing letters.
CHAPERONES: The goal of the 30 chaperones is to facilitate a fun, safe & alcohol/drug free event. Chaperones will be assisted by the principal and assist. principals to help monitor students. Chairman will need to make sure each volunteer is a registered volunteer with the district. A list will be provided to you.

TICKET SALES: Selling early tickets will begin with Prom tickets. This volunteer needs to sell tickets and give all money made to the secretary of the school.

TICKET DESIGN/PRINTING: This person creates several tickets designs matching theme of PC. Submits the works with all committees to vote on ticket, has them printed an ready to sell by May 1st.

SECURITY/SAFETY:     John L.     

DECORATIONS:                       *help only Tracie L        *asst. only: Julia M

DONATIONS/FUNDRAISING:    Terri V., John L., Tracie L., Julia M. MORE NEEDED!    

FOOD:             Julia M., John L.   

GAMES/ACTIVITIES:  Julia M., Terri V.,                                                                         

CLEAN UP:                                                                   *may be done by all chaperones if no one else available

PUBLICITY: Julia M., Terri V. (Job Filled)

TICKET SALES:                                                                                                                                

TICKET DESIGN/PRINTING: Julia M. (Job Filled)    

Volunteers:        Julia & David M  jdmize1971@gmail.com   
                                John and  Tracie                                                     

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